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12 Healthy dog food options in Canada

Dog food has many varieties, so it becomes impossible to choose the best one. It would have been a lot easier for dog owners in Canada if there had been only two to three dog food brands but too many options make it difficult to choose. The best dog food brands don’t need to be perfect for your dog too as every dog is different and has its likes or dislikes.

But there’s no need to worry. Here’s a list of the top 12 dog food brands in Canada:

1. Smack:

Smack is a Canadian-based dog food company and has been holding the top rank for consecutive three years now. It provides the highest quality dog food certified by professionals and made using organic ingredients. It is an appetizing hydrated raw food perfect for fastidious dogs.

2. Carna4:

Carna4 has been on the Top 12 list for three years now, providing one of the best dog food in Canada. It offers products made from three recipes i.e. chicken, fish, and duck. It prepares food using seeds that are organic and sprouted.

3. Zeal:

This brand has recently stepped into the dog food industry and surprised everyone by making it to the Top 12 list. It provides the best quality economical dry food for dogs.

4. Gutsy:

This food is prepared by Crump’s Naturals, a company that is known for making beef jerky-type dog dry food. It comes in either chicken dinner or salmon & trout dinner recipe. It is low glycemic hydrated raw food, a good option for picky dogs.

5. Orijen:

This has been one of the best dog food brands in Canada. It has the highest amount of meat involved in products in comparison to other dog food brands and picky dogs fail to resist its food. Its food is grain-free and also raw.

6. CaniSource:

This brand is well known in Canada only for the fact that it prepares dog food which is a replica of human food. Surprising no? Well, it’s true. All of the ingredients used in its dog food products are certified for human food as well. It provides grain-free, all-life stage formulated products.

7. Acana:

This product from Champion Pet Foods which already has Orijen as famous dog food, with a less amount of meat, Same brand has two products in the Top 12 list. It is made of whole ingredients brought from local farms.

8. FirstMate:

This product is made by using a unique 8-grain-free formula which makes it perfect for dogs of all ages. It is economical if compared with other dog food with no difference in quality. It also has options that have adequate amounts of grain as well.

9. GO! Solutions

This product includes higher amounts of meat and is perfect for dogs that crave meat or are too choosy about their food. It has multiple recipes like Carnivore, Sensitivities, Skin Care, and Sensitivity+Shine. The company makes sure that all of its food processing methods are eco-friendly, which is a positive trait.

10.  V-Planet:

This company is famous for providing only plant-based healthy dog foods.

Nowadays meat-protein allergies are common in dogs and V-planet has successfully captured the market with its vegan options. It provides equal nutrition which means no compromise on your dog’s health.

11. PetKind:

PetKind products are made using 7-grain formula. This is another dog food that is similar to human food and provides the required nutrition for dogs. It also offers vegan food options for dogs that are allergic to meat or high protein intake.

12. Horizon:

This brand has been focused on providing authentic and economical dog food for years. It offers dog food in five recipes which are made using just human-grade meats. It is perfect for dogs of all ages and provides both whole-grain and grain-free options as well.

We hope you find the perfect healthy dog food options that keep your dog happy and active.

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