tips for adopting a dog

Top 8 tips for adopting a dog in Canada

Adopting a dog can be a really tough decision. It is really important to find a companion which will be the perfect suit for you. Not all dogs can be comfortable in every environment. But if you have finally decided to get yourself joyful company, We have 8 tips for you, which are:

1. Lifestyle:

It is really important to keep lifestyle in mind while adopting a dog. If you are a person who is so much into sports or an active exercise person, why not get a dog who can compete with your stamina during a long jog, If you are a person who has a huge social circle why not adopt a puppy which is open to meeting new people. Every dog breed has its traits.

2. Matchmaking by Dog shelter:

Most dogs shelter has a team that asks you about your preferences and then suggests a list containing the best options. Mostly when you visit a dog shelter, they provide you with a form where you have to write about your lifestyle, space in your residence, pet owner experience and if you are currently living with any other pet already, etc.

3. Affection:

Everyone has their way of expressing love. Some dog owners love it when their pet kisses them to show its affection or when their dog snuggles with them in bed while other owners prefer that their dog sleeps on a separate bed. So choose what you like more and make a decision accordingly.

4. Keep kids with you:

It is highly advised that if you are a family man, you should take your kids to a dog shelter as your kids must connect well with the dog to be adopted.

5. Don’t be Idealistic:

There’s no harm in wishing for a perfect dog but every sane person knows that a realistic approach is the best. If you are going to adopt a puppy but have no plans of doing potty training then handle your emotions and choose a mature dog.

6. Medical History:

It is highly advised to ask the dog shelter team about the medical history of the dog you have decided to adopt. You should know if the dog has any medical conditions, allergies, special needs, etc.

7. Open to compromise:

It is really important to just go through every option you have. Even if you love the first option and think that it’s the best for you, be patient and just have a look at all the available options. There might come an option that is 100 times better than the first option you thought of adopting.

8. Foster and observe:

Most shelter homes allow you to foster a dog first and then decide if it’s exactly what you’re looking for. It is the best way to observe a dog and see if its suits you the best.

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