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8 safety tips for a road trip with Dogs

Dogs are great companions for road trips. They are very playful and full of joy. As road trips are an escape for humans, it’s the same for dogs. Most dogs love going out, wandering new places, and exploring them with their owners. Road trips are great for developing or strengthening your bond with dogs. But their safety can become an issue as pets can distract the driver, or they might not cope well in terms of health.

Here are a few safety tips for a road trip with your dog:

1. Keep the dog steady

Most car brands include seat belts for humans, but sadly there are no seat belts for dogs or pets. Safety is essential for dogs as much as it is for humans. Luckily some brands have stepped forward with dog safety equipment, especially for long car rides with dogs. Sleepypod is a must-have for a road trip with your dog because it’s not only the top-rated safety product for dogs but also, in case of accidents, the Pet Passenger Restraint System (PPRS) modules ensure dog safety and minimize damage.

2. Normalize road trips

It is vital that before planning long car rides with dogs, you start taking out your dog on short road trips so that your beloved pet can cope with travelling and changes in the environment. Dogs need time to adjust to new things, just like humans. It is highly advised that the length of trips must be increased slowly to keep dogs at ease.

3. Sufficient dog food

Road trips can be tiring for dogs, who might often get hungry. It is essential to take breaks and feed your dog. Feeding them in a moving vehicle might cause stomach issues or car sickness. Sufficient dog food is vital because whatever place you visit might not have dog food stocked, especially the food your dog eats in routine.

4. Dog Travel Kit

Just like humans make their travel kit and ensure that they have packed all the essentials, it is also important to make a travel kit for your dog. It must include emergency medicines, health records in case of emergency, and you must visit a vet, waste bags, a first-aid kit, and a few toys to keep your pet engaged and playful.

5. Collar with ID Tag

You might face uncertain situations on a road trip with your dog, so you are advised to get a collar with an ID tag containing your contact information in case your dog goes missing or is lost. The latest dog collars come with a microchip that provides you live location of your beloved dog. If your dog goes out missing, you can open the respective app of the dog collar and track your dog.

6. Windows lock

It would be best if you did not let your dog put their head out on a road trip as it could lead to severe casualties. Anything can happen, as you never know what your dog is thinking. Not all dogs put their head out to enjoy the wind.

7. Keep your dog hydrated

Dogs are full of energy and never get tired of playing; that is why their energy drains quickly, and it is vital to keep them hydrated. Keep sufficient water while planning dog-friendly road trips, and ensure that your dog has a balanced water intake throughout the journey.

8. No Compromise on Playtime

Dogs always have their energy level exceeding the bar, so it is essential to take breaks and take them on a short walk or play with them for a little. Dogs can get bored sitting in the car on a long road trip; the last thing you want on a road trip is an annoyed dog. So, take breaks and take your dog on short walks. 

These tips will be highly beneficial if you are planning dog-friendly road trips. If you want to shop for essentials for your dog, check out excellent listings in the Marche pets category, or for more beneficial blogs, head to our pet blogs section.

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