how to cut cat nails

How to cut cat nails

Whether it’s about humans or cats, Maintaining hygiene is essential. Cats are adorable, and everyone loves to cuddle with a well-maintained cat. But if a cat has long nails, stinky hair, dirty whiskers, or paws, A person tries to stay away from it. 

One should also take proper care of their cats. Cats look pretty and get lots of love and affection from other people when they are well taken care of. Cat’s hair should be brushed regularly and routinely showered. Nowadays, a lot of people are concerned about their nails and adopt a nice nail care routine as well.

Cat Nails:

Cat nails or claws are required to be cut or trimmed regularly. As cats keep wandering in their surroundings, their nails get dirty, and sometimes the dirt is stuck in them. If the cat nail care routine is not followed, it can cause intense pain as the nails grow in curls toward the footpad. On the other hand, if the nail care routine is followed regularly, it’s not only good for cats but can also protect your curtains and furniture from scratches.

Cat Nail Clippers:

Just like humans use nail cutters to trim their nails. It is advised to use nail clippers that are very handy and easy to use. There’s a huge variety of cat nail clippers available in the market, and it comes in different sizes, colours, and price. A cat nail clipper is the only accessory required to maintain a cat nail care routine.

How to trim cat nails?

As most cat owners don’t know how to trim cat nails, Here’s a fantastic guide to follow:

1.     Cats are usually not in the mood to get their nails cut, so you should lighten up their mood first. 

2.     As you notice that the mood has been set, try approaching their paw without revealing the purpose behind it. Remember, take things slow.

3.     Once you have its paw in your hand, gently press or squeeze it to have a clear look at its nails.

4.     You might face a little resistance but make sure to handle it gently.

5.     Hold the paw with a tight and gentle grip, and use the cat nail clipper to cut the nail. Make sure that the clipper is sharp, as a dull clipper can make a cat uncomfortable.

6.     Ensure to reward your cat once you’re done, as it would help develop a nail care routine.

7.     Repeat all these steps once every two weeks to maintain a cat nail care routine.

If nails aren’t trimmed on time, cats can get creative with their long nails, and you might have to face the consequences on your sofa, curtains, or any other furniture placed in their approach.

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