cat massage with a hand

How to massage a Cat

Cats are the most loved & common domestic animals. People keep cats as pets to keep company and enjoy their great companionship. Cats are great at expressing their feelings and love to humans.

It is important to understand cats, take proper care of them. Most cat owners say they’ve never experienced cat hugs, or what is cat snuggle or how to cuddle a cat or how to massage a cat? As after a tiring and busy day, humans prefer to get a massage similarly, cats also crave massages as they keep wandering all the time. Cat massage is used to develop a bond as cats also appreciate a good massage.

Most cats enjoy the massages done in the following way:

  1. Make the cat sit in your lap and gently rub your palm on its forehead.
  2. After a nice forehead massage, run your fingers gently on each ear and watch them get relaxed. Do it for 2-3 minutes.
  3. Gently rub your cat’s shoulders in a circular motion; it makes all the tiredness disappear.
  4. Coming down on the back, use your thumbs to massage the backbone gently but with firm pressure.
  5. Notice the cat’s expression as watching it in a relaxed mood is a favorable view.
  6. If the cat has enjoyed everything you’ve done till now, it will allow you access to its belly. Gently rub its belly using both your hands but be careful. Not all cats enjoy their belly being massaged. If you see an aggressive behavior, skip the belly massage.
  7. Above belly, you can massage the cat’s chest by using your fingers, providing it a gentle touch.
  8. Now comes the tail massage. To give your cat the best experience, hold the start of its tail in your first gently and rub it till you’ve reached its end.
  9. Last but not least, paw massage. It is essential to massage paws as cats keep walking all day. Hold one paw in your hand and rub it gently but with firm pressure using your thumb. Move your thumb anti-clockwise and keep doing it for 8-10 minutes.

After giving a perfect cat massage, you might experience a cat snuggle or watch a little sleepy face. You might have earned a hug, as cat hugs are the most common expression of love. A cat owner should also go through how to cuddle a cat guide once because cats love cuddling.

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