10 most popular dog breeds in canada

10 most popular dog breeds in Canada

Dogs are the perfect pets but how to be sure that you choose the perfect one out of so many breeds? Every breed has its characteristics. Due to Canada’s extreme weather conditions, not every dog can survive it as well. So, here’s a list of the top 10 most popular dog breeds in Canada.

1.    Labrador Retriever:

It is the most popular dog in Canada, it has secured the title of top dog because of its friendliness and beautiful looks. Out of so many dog breeds, it holds the highest price in the market. The most common hobbies of Canadian residents are fishing and hunting and Labradors aid these hobbies efficiently.

2.    German Shepherd:

It is the second most popular dog in Canada because of its adaptable behaviour. German Shepherds are the second most expensive among other dog breeds because they’re amazing pet dogs, they become a family member in no time, and they are astounding therapy dogs as well. Shepherds have a double layer of fur on their skin which helps them to survive in the extremely cold weather of Canada.

3.    Havanese:

This dog breed used to be in the top 60 dog breeds of Canada but it recently has made its place in the Top 10 list. This breed originated from Spain and is also the national dog of Cuba. The Havanese is amazing as pet dogs because they are extremely loving and pleasing to humans. They can be easily trained which makes them the perfect choice for beginner pet owners.

4.    Duck Tolling Retriever:

This breed also known as Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever originated from Yarmouth County’s river district. It’s highly compatible with hunters because of its attraction to firing range.

5.    French Bulldog:

This breed originated in France and surprisingly holds the 5th rank in being the most popular dog breed in Canada. Laziness is a dominant trait in this breed but it’s always up for playing a game or being a clown.

6.   Chihuahua:

Canadians have been noticed to like smaller breeds which is why Chihuahua has made it to the top 10. Chihuahua is the most popular dog in the petite dog breeds category. Such pet dogs are popular because of their small size which makes them perfect for people living in condos or small homes.

7.    Bernese Mountain Dog:

This breed originated from Bern, Switzerland. It is highly popular for providing great companionship and protection as well. These pet dogs are huge, and can also be used for herding farm animals, etc.

8.    Portuguese Water Dog:

This breed got popular when no other than Justin Trudeau, Canada’s Prime Minister adopted it in 2016. This breed rose among other dog breeds because of its ability to be affectionate with the family and high mental stimulation which means it’s always up to something on its own and busy entertaining the people in its surroundings.

9.    Yorkshire Terrier:

This breed has made it to the top 10 lists because of its amazing looks and no special exercise needs. It is an astounding pet dog that can be used as a watchdog as well. The long fur and shiny coat make people stare at it and be stunned by its beauty.

10. Shetland Sheepdog:

This breed originated from the Shetland Islands of Scotland. It is in the top 10 list because of its loyalty, alertness, beauty, small size; which is convenient for pet owners living in a small residence, and a vigorous desire of pleasing people. If you have gone through the Top 10 dog breeds in Canada and are eager to get a pet dog, there are some really good listings at Marche.

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