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How to introduce dogs to each other?

Dogs are social animals; which means they love to meet and greet. But this doesn’t mean that every time a new dog shows up, your dog will get along well right from the start. Just like humans can’t be friends with everyone they meet, likewise, dogs follow a protocol when it comes to making new dog friends and hanging out with them. Every dog has a different nature so you can’t really predict the right way of introducing a dog with a new one. It is a constant process of trial and error, equal chances of failures and success and requires hands full of patience. Try not to rush the process and keep an eye on the body language of both dogs when they meet each other.

Tips to keep in mind when two dogs meet each other

We understand dog meetings can be a mix of excitement and nervousness. That’s why we rounded up some suggestions or precautions for you to follow:

1: Prefer outdoor meetup: 

It’s always better the two dogs meet at an outdoor place; be it a park or some walking track or a playground. Because it gives them enough space to roam around and relax. An indoor place might create tension so it’s better to avoid that before the meetup.

2: Keep the dogs on a leash:

The leash should be long enough so they can move freely. But always keep the leash firmly in your hand. Don’t set them free completely on their own. You can never know when the situation gets out of hand. 

3: Let the dogs meet and sniff each other:

Let the dogs meet each other at their own pace. Don’t rush the process or interrupt it by your presence in any way. Dogs take their time to sniff each other and decide whether they can be friends or not. 

4: Keep an eye on your dog’s body language:

Your dog’s body language is the only hint you might get about the severity of the situation so it’s important to keep an eye on that. Some posturing and mild aggression can be normal as dogs become more comfortable.

5: Keep some solid treats with you as a backup:

You can’t really predict the outcome of the meetup. Therefore, just in case the situation goes out of hand and it becomes difficult to calm your dog, it’s best to keep your dog’s favourite food with you as a backup. It could be his favourite treats or some cheese. Stay calm and don’t punish your dog for misbehaving. Try to calm down your dog first by gently massaging and creating a positive environment around him

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