How to find a lost cat

How to find a lost cat

Cats are the most common pet animals. Their expenses as a pet are very minimal, and they provide great company. Cats are very expressive and stay in a playful mood most of the time. They love to wander and always look for an opportunity of getting out of the home. Below is some info on how to find a lost cat?

As it’s difficult to keep cats indoors, thousands of cats go missing every day. Cat owners post on social media about missing cats and try their best to find their cats in every possible place they could be but return home with a heavy heart. However, most people have no idea where they should begin the search.

If your cat is lost, here’s how you can find a cat:

  1. First of all, comb your house. It is highly recommended to look everywhere in your home as your cat might be in the mood for playing hide n seek. Every cat has its favorite hiding place. Make sure you check it.
  2. Usually, if your cat isn’t to be found anywhere in your home, you should check your garage, neighborhood, roof, etc. In most cases, cats don’t go further than the garage or surrounding area.
  3. If you still haven’t found your cat, you should take your friends or neighbors along and go on a physical search. Keep particular items with you that can help your cat catch a scent it used to experience inside your home.
  4. Post missing posters in your neighborhood to contact you if anyone finds your cat.
  5. Good things take time, don’t lose your motivation too early. Keep looking for your cat, go out to its frequently visited places and look around. Not forgetting about the humans, there’s a high chance someone might have picked it up and given it to a cat shelter. Make sure to visit cat shelters as they are home to many missing cats.
  6. If you still haven’t found your cat, repeat the search as sometimes cats leave their hiding spot.

Almost all pet lovers have at least one sad story of a lost cat. Some find them, and some don’t. Hopefully, this guide will help you avoid your lost cat story.

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