How to groom your dog

How to groom a dog

Have you adopted a dog recently and don’t have any idea how to groom dogs at home? From figuring out how you should wash him to managing your dog hairs to cutting dog nails at home and maintaining the overall hygiene, everything seems like conquering a new world. In this situation, when going to a veterinarian seems a pretty easy option, choose to groom your dog at a place which seems more comfortable and feel less anxious. Because when dogs feel uncomfortable, they don’t usually cooperate.

Gather up all the supplies

First things first, if you are planning to groom your dog, prepare the supplies. Some of the most important essentials are shampoo, conditioner, towel, brush, nail trimmer, comb and cotton swabs etc. Assemble all the equipment which you might need before starting the grooming process so that you won’t end up running here and there looking for something. Dogs don’t like to wait. Therefore, it’s better to do the necessary prep beforehand to make the process short and pleasant.

Brush your dog hair

Once you start the process, brushing dog hair should be the first step. Brushing will remove any dirt that is stuck in the hair. It also prevents hair tangles and shed the dead hair. Regular brushing is a vital step in maintaining dog’s hygiene because it promotes air circulation. Regular brushing will help the dog to build trust in you.

Clean your dog eyes

The next step is cleaning the eyes.Be careful while doing that, because it’s a very sensitive area. Wipe the eyes with slightly wet cotton swabs or soft damp cloth. Make sure to do it slowly and calmly. Don’t rush and make the dog uncomfortable. You can first massage the dog so that he’s relaxed and comfortable before you touch his eyes

Maintaining dog hygiene

Dog hygiene will eventually affect you as well so make sure to keep that in check. Just like humans, long nails are not hygienic for dogs as well. So trim your dog nails regularly. Don’t take time while cutting the nails, do it as soon and safely as possible. 

Moreover, it is important to brush your dog’s teeth. But for that, don’t use the toothpaste that human’s use. There are specific toothpastes available for canines. Either look up for them online or consult a veterinarian. 

Lastly, no matter how weird it may sound, frequent showering is not healthy for the dogs. Do it once every four to six weeks. Use non-slippery mats and give your dog a bath in an open and spacious environment. Quickly apply dog shampoo from his head to tail and rinse thoroughly. Make sure no shampoo is left in the fur. If your dog has short hair, towel drying will work for him otherwise for long hair use a hair dryer if needed.

Patience is the key

Dogs are smart enough to sense that you’re tense so make sure that you’re calm and relaxed while grooming your dog. Treat your dog with patience and kindness and make it a positive experience for them.

We hope you find these tips helpful. Now that your dog is fully groomed, learn the right way of introducing dogs to each other and enable your dog to make some new friends.

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