5 Best Cat Breeds In Canada That You Can Adopt

Realizing the fact that taking a cat home is a big responsibility. You have to become a parent to your cat. Not every cat breed can survive the harsh weather conditions of Canada, here are the top 5 cat breeds to consider if you are about to adopt a cat:

1.    Ragdoll:

Ragdoll is from a point coloration breed. They are furry and massive in size. Cats of this breed are lighter-coloured bodies and darker faces. The colour of their eyes can be different. This breed is the most loving and caring. They frequently follow their owner around the house. Ragdolls are very human-friendly and easy to handle but also very lazy.

2.    Persian:

The Persian cat is one of the most loving cat breeds around the globe. Their bodies are heavily built with a flat, crumple-looking face. This is one of the qualities that people are attracted to this cat breed but this breed needs extra medical care. They share some physical features with Maine Coons but are smaller and weigh around 7-12 pounds. Normally, they behave very fine with their owners but stay reserved and cold when meeting new people. And like the rest of the breeds, they demand less attention and they have a relaxed and calm attitude.  

3.    Himalayan:

Himalayan cats are normal in size with strong bones and full of furs that make them look bigger than they are. Due to their long flush hair, they need daily brushing to keep the hair twisted-free. They have small legs, ears, and tails compared to the other cat breeds. They have flat and small faces with big round eyes.  Himalayan cats are very human-friendly. They can easily cope with strangers.

4.    Russian Blue:

This cat breed originates from Russia and is well known for its affection for the family but it’s a little shy in front of new people. Russian blue cats take their time, to be frank when introduced to a new gathering. They have double coat skin and fur which has no patterns.

5.    Sphynx:

Sphynx cats are famous for their hairlessness trait and smooth skin. Some personality traits are similar to dog traits such as loyalty and wandering. They are always high on energy and you might get to watch an amazing acrobatic performance just so it can have your attention. They seem to get along with children and often get busy playing with them. As they have hairless and smooth skin, you have to take certain precautions to keep them from picking up a skin allergy.

Just because a breed is in the top 5 list does not mean that it would be the perfect choice for you, Make sure to keep the traits of these cat breeds in mind before you adopt a cat.

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